Tips and Tricks to Make Full Use of Happy Hour

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Why would one not want a chance to mix with the employees he/she works with and get to know them better? Happy hours give this chance of mingling up and enjoying some quality time with the peers accompanied with good food and discounted drinks. While there are some others who would rather prefer to go back home in solace and have their own peaceful time at home.

Hence, utilization of these hours varies from person to person. Here are some tips to make full utilization of it:

Sharing the after-hour drink

If one does not prefer to go with the rest of the group time and again, there will come a point when the person would be declared boring and who do not wish to mingle up much with the rest of the squad. There will come a point when people would even stop asking you to join them because they are already aware of your response. Hence, you must not always say a no to these gatherings and even if you don’t like to be there, you must pay your visit once in a while to keep up in touch with everyone.

Not necessary to drink alcohol

It is not necessary that happy hour necessarily needs you to consume liquor. You can be there with your colleagues and even share a soft drink with them, while they consume liquor. No one is going to judge you based on the fact if you are drinking liquor or not. Even if you are drinking a soda or a soft drink and as long as you are mingling well with the rest of the group, it all does the trick for you. You do not have to share a drink with the rest just because you are there, it is entirely your own choice.

Do not talk about office anymore

There are a lot of varied stuff that you can talk over in these hours. It is not necessary that you should go there with the workload on your shoulders and talk to your colleagues about the miserable amount of work that you are left with to do. There is much more to it. Start any interesting topic like favorite sport, tv show or something like that and get the opportunity to know your colleagues even more apart from the normal routine.

Don’t become too informal

Yes, these times are for a person to open up to the group and get informal, but here one must take care not to get too much informal with the group. Any joke or anything that you say should be within the limits and there should be nothing that hurts the sentiments of the people. You must think before speaking and take in consideration the feeling of the other person.

Conclusion Hence, one must not miss the opportunity of mingling up with the co-workers in such an atmosphere and there must be some participation from everyone. Even if it is just for a little while, but one must not miss the opportunity. There should be some boundaries and if all these go in well, it could turn to be the perfect happy hours for everyone.

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